Your rehabilitation specialists


A common problem Core Movement NQ witnesses is incorrect strength and pilates based exercises that do more harm to patients. A tailored rehabilitation program is essential for long-term recovery.

At Core Movement NQ we assess and diagnose for best outcomes. Through the use of a DorsiVi, we collect objective data on the quality and quantity of movement. Post assessment, an individual rehab program is developed and tweaked as necessary.


Back Rehab Program

Rehabilitation consists of evidence-based programs of muscle activation, which use real time ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and pilates. Our rehab programs are tailored to you and your recovery needs. We use real-time ultrasounds for objective testing for core activation and Dorsi-Vi technology.

Your Rehabilitation Specialists

Core Movement NQ prefers to not only treat, but educate patients on the correct technique of exercises - for long-term sustainable treatment.