Dance Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy for dance injuries

Dance injuries are upsetting and stressful. We’re here to help you glide back to your performance.

At Core Movement NQ, we are experts in the prevention and treatment of dance related injuries. We help you understand your own body through education to empower you to manage the demands dancing has on your body.

Core Movement NQ will guide you in the management of injuries and identify areas that need to be addressed. Our physiotherapists will help you dance better than ever - injury free.

Using the latest research we can provide you with:

  • Injury Prevention Screening: We will perform a dance assessment to determine foot control, turnout, hip strength, posture, core control, flexibility, and dance specific techniques.

  • Pre Pointe Assessments: Establish readiness for pointe work. We assess foot and ankle strength, flexibility, turnout range and more. We can ensure you are prepared and work on technique.

  • Performance Enhancement: We will analyse your technique to ensure you train at a high level and consistently improve your performance. Improve without the risk of strain or injury.

  • Dance Injury Treatment: Our trained dance physiotherapists can assist with the injury and overuse of the foot, ankle, lower leg, lower back, and hip regions of the body.

  • Dance Injury Rehabilitation: Return quickly to the dance floor with our dance rehabilitation programs.

Core Movement NQ can help beginner, intermediate, and professional dancers achieve their goals.