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About our classes

We have a range of classes that are run by Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists & Pilates Instructors. We have both floor based classes using props and small floor based equipment, as well as larger equipment based classes. These classes utilise the Core Align, Cadillac, Reformers, Wunda chair and small apparatus.

Private sessions are rehab specific, focus on chronic pain - and are suited to people with movement dysfunction or a history of injury.  You can progress to semi private sessions – supervised/guided programs to suit individual needs.

Class Types

Beginners Class - 55 minutes

Our beginners class is conducted by a Physiotherapist and focuses on improving core stability, posture and flexibility. Participants will learn the how to establish body awareness and correct technique. No experience necessary and we can work within your injuries or conditions.

Intermediate Class - 55 minutes

Our intermediate classes are conducted by a Physiotherapist for those with some experience. We take it up a notch, with more challenging exercises aimed at improving your posture, core stability, and flexibility. Intermediate Classes are still suitable for those with current injuries or conditions.

Advanced Class - 55 minutes

For the more advanced Class participant who wants to improve their strength and endurance. This class will challenge your core control and body alignment through a range of dynamic exercises.

Power Class - 55 minutes

For the client who wants to work hard and feel the burn. No experience necessary. Expect a more intense whole body work out. Our Power Class is a mat work class with the use of props such as balls, bands, rollers, and BAND-ITS. 

Runners Class - 45 minutes

No matter if you are new to running or a seasoned professional, strength and body control are important.  Poor core and pelvis control can inhibit your running performance. This class aims to improve your running efficiency by incorporating running technique drills with exercises for trunk, hip and pelvic control.

Dance Class - 45 minutes

Our Dance Class specializes in working with dancers but we also welcome non dance clients.  A mat work class with props (bands, balls, rollers, BAND-ITS) that incorporates the elements of dance with the focus on posture, core stability, and flexibility.  Energetic and fun!!!

Mums & Bubs Pilates Class - 55 minutes

This class offers mothers an opportunity to improve their core and pelvic floor strength whilst interacting with their newborn in a mat work setting. A strong focus will be placed on restoring posture and stability around the pelvis to assist with your recovery post birth. Babies welcomed up to 6 months of age.

Sit/Stand Class - 55 minutes

Posture, posture, posture! This class is perfect if you do not want to get up and down off the floor. The focus is on strengthening posture and core stability in standing and sitting positions.

Stretch/Release Class - 55 minutes

Perfect for everyone, this class uses a variety of props and techniques to stretch, move and release muscular tensions. You will be left feeling lighter and more refreshed.

Movement Session - 55 minutes * health fund rebates not available

Non-purposeful movement used as a tool to improve our ability to feel our body and how it relates to its individual parts, to space and gravity. It is an exploration to improve our sensing, including interoception and proprioception as well as our empathic and intuitive senses. Somatic Movement is practiced with intention directed toward the internal experience rather than to the outer appearance. The result of practicing Somatic Movement is often a pleasurable feeling of ease or joy and an overall sense of connectivity.

Equipment Class (Max 4 per class) - 55 minutes

Improve your core stability through the use of multiple apparatus including Reformers, CoreAlign, Wunda chair and Cadillac table. Equipment classes provide you with an opportunity to progress your control of movement in a small group setting. This class is conducted by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

1 on 1 Private Booking - 1hour

1 hour private appointment with one of our trained Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists or Pilates Instructor to assist you working towards achieving your functional goals.  Packages available.

Semi-Private Pilates Booking - 1 hour

A semi-private booking offers a personalised program with the opportunity to complete mat-based and/or equipment based strengthening. A maximum of 3 participants per booking. These sessions are conducted by one of our trained Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists or Pilates Instructor.



Matwork Classes

Single - $20 | 5 Pass - $90 | 10 Pass - $170

Equipment Classes

Single - $45 | 5 Pass -$200 | 10 Pass - $380



What to bring:

  • 2 towels

  • Water bottle

What to wear:

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that you are able to move freely in. No footwear needed, wear socks or bare feet.

Book a class through the MindBody app.

Things you need to know

If you pay per class: please download the MINDBODY app and in the ‘Search for Businesses’ bar, search Core Movement NQ – there will be a list of upcoming classes for the current day or you can select ‘View Schedule’ to see other classes.

If you purchase a pass and currently have sessions still available to use, please confirm your email address with reception – we will set up an account for you and credit the visits, you will need to log in to the app using the same email address we have on file. A confirmation email will be sent to this email address when set up. You can purchase passes through the app and redeem them for classes.

*for both single and pass visits – you will not be able to book into class without paying or redeeming a pass

If you are a Department of Veterans Affairs client or Workcover is covering your classes, you will need to phone the clinic to make a reservation.

Read about our cancellation policy and terms and conditions

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