Rest & Renew


What are REST Classes?

Rest classes are a stress management tool designed to stimulate the nervous system through a series of movements and weighted rest poses in a safe, professional and guided environment.

The model draws from the scientific principles of coreTitration – the slow release of energy and Somatic Experiencing where you sense your way through the normal oscillations of contraction/expansion, pleasure/pain, warmth/cold, to evolve your nervous systems ability to handle stress.
It has been described simply by some health experts as 'A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body'.

With Stress identified globally as one of the main contributing factors to chronic conditions and disease, more evidence is emerging in the health sector of the benefit in drawing on traditional methods to retrain our bodies to better regulate stress. 

It’s not the stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.
– Hans Selye

“True human enlightenment won’t happen until every single person on this planet has a regulated nervous system.” Peter Levine

Neuroscientists have famously been quoted for decades for stating “Neurons that fire together, wire together”.

It is a fact that everyone has capacity to literally re-wire behaviour. This includes changing how your nervous system, and your brain respond to stress.

On a scientific level, it does not matter what your circumstance, background or personality profile, you have the power to rewire your brain.

Invest in your whole health

Nourish your body by slowing down to ease the daily pressures of life. Join us for a Fluid Movement session that takes you through a powerful blend of release, rejuvenate and rest. The mind and body benefits from a deep slow muscle release through fluid somatic movements. Your energy will be renewed and your body will be free of tension.

Benefits of this session:

  • Self-awareness
  • Postural awareness
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Helps with cellular repair
  • Eases the tension felt in overused soft tissues
  • Provides renewed energy and focus

About the class

This session explores self-release techniques, gentle stretches and movements to increase range, awareness and flexibility in the body. Private session includes hands on releases using props.

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The rest and renew sessions are aimed at slowing down the body and mind to assist in nervous system regulation.  When the nervous system is regulated bodily functions are more likely to function at their optimum level and the tissues repair.  These sessions encourage the time and space required to settle deep in the nervous system, mind and body.  Sessions involve, gentle release work, slow movement and deep weighted rest.  You will leave feeling rested and renewed.

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