Nutrition Packages


See Core Movement's own nutritionist to help guide you to optimum health


Maggie Style's brings extensive nutrition experience and a passion to help you live a balanced and healthy life.

With the combination of whole foods, nutrients and vitamins, Maggie utilises behavioural psychology to gain optimal results - all while delivering an individual package specific to your needs and goals.

What you can expect

Maggie specialises in weight loss for patients suffering from being overweight, obese or with medically diagnosed diabetes.

Her approach focusses on nutritional weight management with regular consultations and progress tracking to assist with gradual changes.

A sustainable change means better long-term results for you. 

Consultation Breakdown

Individual one-on-one appointments include:

  • Review of health history, dietary and lifestyle habits 
  • Prescription of individualised nutrition plans 
  • Take home resources  
  • Included in-house testing 
  • On-going support and education 
  • Frequent tracking and review of progress 
  • Supplementation advice

Packages Available

  • Weight Management (8 weeks) – $596
  • Health Maintenance (6 weeks) - $396
  • DVA & Concession Package - $195

Appointments and packages are eligible to claim on private health

About Maggie

Maggie Headshot.JPG

Maggie Styles

Nutritionist (BHS.c – Nut Med) Graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutritional Medicine from the Endeavour College of Natural Health with extensive experience and training in Nutritional Biochemistry and Blood Chemistry Analysis.

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