Three Day Wholehealth Retreat

May 2019 - Dates TBC

WHOLEHEALTH RETREAT on Tropical Magnetic Island.

Take the time to invest in three full days of guided whole body rejuvenation in a luxury retreat on the doorstep to the Great Barrier Reef. Recharge your body through a series of explorations designed to activate the senses for healing. Participate in daily sessions of gentle organic movement, meditation, deep weighted rest, self-release techniques, sound therapy, yoga and aroma therapy in a luxury location among the natural healing elements of Magnetic Island. 

Retreat Will be held in May 2019. Dates TBC
• Morning yoga on the beach
• Daily somatic movement classes
• Customised essential oil blend facial
• Private sound therapy session
• Whole Health cooking and nutrition class
• Group sound meditations
• Organic Whole Health meals (morn tea, lunch & afternoon tea)
• Education class on techniques for stress management
• Retreat goodie bag

* Exclusively Small Group
25% OFF ferry tickets

In house accommodation available and includes 3 nights on the beach at beautiful Horseshoe Bay with the option to stay Thursday night FREE! Breakfast and dinner included. Please enquire regarding in house accommodation options - Spaces Limited.

3 day retreat - $950*
*excludes accommodation and ferry tickets

Call to register your interest - (07) 47252662

Retreat schedule:
Day 1

8:30am - Meet and connect

9:30am – Self release and movement session

10:30am – Morning tea

11:00am – Group sound meditation and Rest session

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm – Somatic/nervous system exercise

2pm – Talking self regulation and stress

3pm – Afternoon tea

3:30pm – Guided Deep Rest

4:30pm – Option for guided walk/free time/ or private sound bowl session

Day 2

7:30am – Option for Group Yoga on the beach or a private sound bowl session

9am – Morning somatic exercise

9:30 - Combined sound bowl and grounding session

10am – Morning Tea

10:30am - Nutrition session

11:30 – Cooking class

12:30 - Lunch

1:30pm - Option for free time/ or private sound bowl session

2:30pm - Self release movement session

3:30pm – Afternoon tea

4pm – Group Sound meditation and Rest Session
5pm - Option for guided walk/ free time/ or private sound bowl session

Day 3

7:30am – Option for Group Yoga on the beach or a private sound bowl session

9am - Grounding somatic session

9:30am - Group sound bowl meditation and movement

10:30am - Morning tea

11am – Group aromatherapy session

12noon – Lunch

1-4pm – Private facial massage / sound bowl sessions. Option for free time and Island activities

4-5pm close – Last rest session and open reflection

Enquiries: or 47252662
Payment plans available on request.

For more information email or call 47252662


Leisa Parker - CORE MOVEMENT

Rest classes are a stress management tool designed to stimulate the nervous system through a series of movements and weighted rest poses in a safe, professional and guided environment.  The model draws from the scientific principles of coreTitration – the slow release of energy and Somatic Experiencing where you sense your way through the normal oscillations of contraction/expansion, pleasure/pain, warmth/cold, to evolve your nervous systems ability to handle stress.
It has been described simply by some health experts as A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body.  With Stress identified globally as one of the main contributing factors to chronic conditions and disease, more evidence is emerging in the health sector of the benefit in drawing on traditional methods to retrain our bodies to better regulate stress. 



Aromatherapy is an art. There is no one size fits all approach which is why Anna at Aromatics for Wellbeing is renowned for her ability to customise. She loves to hear someone’s story.  From what she’s told, she creates individual treatment plans and remedies for people to support and/or help to resolve health issues. Only using the highest quality Essential Oils and plant based ingredients she is renowned across North Queensland for achieving exceptional results. Essential Oils are valued for their therapeutic benefits as well as their ability to relax the mind and body.  Anna uses Essential Oils to create ointments, body oils, pure essential oil blends and other products tailored to each person’s needs.  As a qualified Masseuse, her Massage treatments are carefully designed to target specific health complaints and manage underlying stress.  



Studies on stress management have identified a direct correlation between sound and healing. Soundwaves affect everything in the universe on the most basic of principles that everything is energy. Sound has played an important role in every culture across the globe for centuries. It plays an important role in custom, ritual and healing as it has the power to literally move people physically and emotionally. Innately we are comforted, evoked and united by sound. Sound is powerful.

 Bodhi Sound who are collaborating with Core Movement for the Rest and Reset Wholehealth retreat work with sound through healing bowls to restore a healthy vibration within the body. This method of sound vibration has been measured for its effectiveness on rebalancing energy by directly impacting on cells within the body.